Upstox review 2021


“Upstox” you might have heard or come across this term. So here I will be doing a detailed Upstox review, and will also share a bonus part of Upstox.

It is one of the leading Share market platforms where you can sell or buy shares. In 2020 the company growth was whooping 148%.

Now you might be thinking how good is this platform? Or What different it is from other platforms?

Signing up/Creating an account

You can open an account for free or sometimes with 249rs. Whereas other platforms can charge from 300 to more.

The process is also simple and easy to understand. If you require any help or got stuck while opening the account you can get in touch with customer support.

Upstox review

Like every platform, it has a maintenance fee which is 25Rs + GST so it goes around 29 Rs.

The charges are very minimal and they provide a variety of investment options.

Open your trading account by clicking here

Trading charges

  • While choosing a broker you need to select the one which charges the least.
  • Paying brokerage charges is one of the most painful parts for an investor or trader.
  • Uptsox here offers 2 plans to its customers, “Basic” and “Priority”

Upstox brokerage charges

  • These are the charges for trades, as you can see they do not charge a lot.
  • Once you open an account with them they also buy a welcome share on your behalf.
  • This was the share that I got for free from Upstox after opening an account.
  • They have various options like candle, bar, step, mountains, etc to help you with the trade.

  • They also provide a market recap after the trade is closed so you can have an idea of the present market conditions.
  • As of right now, you can invest in shares, forex, commodities, Etf, etc and soon they are planning to add a feature from where you can buy international shares.
  • Everybody wants to invest in companies such as SpaceX, Tesla, Apple, Google. The big brands and will be added in the near future.
  • As we all know that buying international shares is risky. But if upstox will start to sell/purchase international shares.
  • It will dominate its niche.

Let’s recap what all you can get from Upstox.

  • You can open a Demat + Trading account for free or with 249Rs
  • Minimal maintenance charges
  • Minimum brokerage charges
  • Two plans Basic and Priority
  • Upcoming leader in the market
  • Customer support.

If you are a newbie and starting to learn about the share market Choosing upstox is a good plan for you.

Also if you are a professional investor or trader you can trust Upstox for your investments.

Earn by referring

Let’s say you signed up and started to use this platform. You really enjoy using this platform and now you want to suggest it to your peers or friends and help them with trades and investments.

Upstox affiliate program

When you will refer them to this platform and they sign up you can get 300-600Rs by referring to them.

How good that would be for you?

Click here you can open your account and start your investing journey.

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If you need any help contact me and I’ll help you out with your issues ASAP.

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