How to a Become Freelance Graphic designer.


Have you heard of Graphic Designing? Chances are YES! But do you know how to do it? Probably not!

Let me share with you my learnings and practices and how you can become a Freelance Graphic designer not just that I will tell you everything about graphic designing and how you can start making money with it as soon as in a week!

If you want to know how? Read this till the end and know for yourself.

Graphic designer

“A person who designs graphics using tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Proofhub, etc”. This is the most basic definition of a Graphic Designer.

Freelance Graphic designer

A graphic designer is required to create posts for social media, pages, Cover photos, logos, etc.

You may ask why do we need a Graphic designer if we can create the same thing in apps such as CANVA?

True, you can create posts, cover photos, in Canva as well. It is a good choice if you want to have some basic to mediocre graphics but when it comes to highly customized images, you need a Graphic Designer.

Do I need to do a course in Graphic design?

Well, in my case I didn’t do any course on Graphic designing, neither my friend who works with me who is a full-time graphic designer has done any course. But Yes, you can do that, if you want to.

Freelance Graphic designer

The only thing that would be different would be the learning, here we make mistakes and learn, if you can do a diploma or a course in Graphic Designing, it will be easy for you to understand the process because you already have a good grab on fundamentals.

Scope of Graphic Designing

With the rise in the number of influencers, SAAS agencies(Software as a solution), also companies and proprietors realizing the growth in digital platforms, there is a high demand for Graphic Designers.


As the world is moving towards digital platforms, in the future the Designers are nowhere to lose their jobs.

What if something like Covid hits us again?

Well, I got the perfect explanation for that question just up ahead.

Let’s get you started…

Now if you are ready and decided that you want to get into Graphic designing then let me tell you how things will go…

Let’s say you got a job as a Graphic designer, your task is to create graphics for social media posts.

Like this…


So the #1 thing you will do is find references! Like I got this one from Freepik.

What I mean by that is you have to search and lookup some posts from which you can take some idea, like you may like some design in an Instagram post, or like the footer in the image, or like the heading on that post.

Once you do that you will start to look up matching templates, or designs. It’s not required that you need to create it in a similar manner, but you can for learning purpose.

Here you can either download templates in .psd format, jpeg, or png. Let me explain in short what’s the difference between them…

  1. .Psd, this is the photoshop format, in which different layers of an image are not merged together and you can edit every part of it.
  2. Jpeg, the most common, all layers are merged and converted into a single image.
  3. Png, it’s a format that provides lossless data compression, in normal words you can say background-less images, as they are the most common type.

Once you find the required images, icons, and background you can start editing and putting them together.

Here’s a DIY for you.


You saw the image above, do you want to create a similar image? Well, let’s go then!

Download the PSD file from here

Watch this tutorial video of how I create the same image. Once you create, post this image on your social media and tag me @dishant_thapa_x, so that I can know that I was able to help you take a step ahead in your Graphic designing Career.

How to make money?

Now comes the fun part How to make money with Graphic designing?

Follow these steps…


Creating your first Graphic Design. You just created your first design above! Congratulations!

#Step 2

Now you have created a graphic and got the basic idea. Now you can test and try again and create more graphics for yourself.

You can copy and create a few more designs from the internet or check out some influencers or you may use your creativity and create a brand new design.

#Step 3

The graphics that you create will act as work samples for you. Now you can either find a job or get on Upwork, Fiverr, or any freelancing site.


I use Upwork, so to get in as a Graphic designer in Upwork, you need to create a profile and submit it for review. Once your account gets active you will see people posting jobs where they require a Graphic Designer.

You can send proposals to the clients and get jobs there.

This way you can slowly improve and build up your portfolio, which will help you get more clients, projects, or a job.

Answering your question What if something like Covid hits us again? Well, neither social media will go anywhere, nor IT companies who create posts to engage their customers. You can either find work on sites such as Upwork or directly mail the CEO or MD or any higher person of that company.

But let me tell you, this article is meant to get you started, how much money or how much success you will have will solely depend upon your efforts.

So hope this has answered your query and gave you clarity. I wish you success on your journey ahead. Let me know what you feel in the comments.


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