About me

About me

Digital Marketing freelancer.

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Hi my name is Dishant Thapa, i am a Digital Marketer and i love doing it.

You might say why i created this website, well first of all i am a reader and a writer. Yes, i love to write. I created this blog because i wanted my ideas to reach out people. Many people who are out there, don’t have clarity in their mind about their future.

Few months back i also didn’t had but now, i believe i am in far better place fro where i used to be. So i share my journey, my problems, my learnings and experience with people like you. 

I can connect because i am a person with same problem as you. So let’s journey together and find our passion or you can say Ikigai

As of now i am in Digital Marketing but this isn’t my first ever job or it’s not like i had plans that i was gonna do Digital Marketing. It’s  something that happened while i was trying to find myself. 

After all finding answer to the most important question of our life i.e WHO AM I? will solve your almost all problem.

Anyways, i blog about my learning, tips, ideas and experience in Digital marketing and my process of creating a Financially free life.

I hope we can get along and learn from each other. Let’s connect on Social Media and also join my community of people where i share my ideas, tips directly via mail.