Digital Deepak Internship Program Review 2021


Want to learn Digital Marketing? Heard of the Digital Deepak Internship program? Want to know whether you should invest your time and money learning it? So here is a detailed Digital Deepak Internship Program review.

There are tons of internship program out there which teaches you Digital Marketing, So you might be thinking how it is different?

Let me guide you…

You might know what Digital Marketing is, in general. But it is quite a huge topic, you will learn about various things, tools, applications, ideas, and also it will help you improve your thinking abilities.

Talking about Digital Deepak Internship Program is a Program run by Deepak Kanakaraju. He is a well-known Digital Marketer in India.

Digital deepak

The whole Internship program is 16 weeks long. In which you will learn every aspect of Digital Marketing.

How is it different?

This program is designed in such a way that you will be able to start seeing results even before the whole internship is over.

The program starts with an introduction video and a mindset shift video. Obviously, all great minds say “You need a wealthy mindset before you become wealthy.”

He speaks about the common but neglected facts of we people. How we are not organized, How easy it is for us to question our own abilities, how short-term success is a scam.

Only one video is launched per week. Along with that, there is an assignment as well. There is plenty of time to complete the assignment and don’t think it would be tough! It’s easy but you need to put in work.

What will you get after completing the assignment?

Unreal as it may seem…

You will be rewarded with cash. YES! Once you complete your assignment, you need to send it for approval.

Once they approve your Assignment the money will be available for you to withdraw. Just fill-up the Bank details and Submit.

You will receive the reward within 7-15 days.

Digital Deepak Internship Program Review

Now you might be thinking how much will I get?

So here I would say it varies from batch to batch, but one thing that I can say is, it increases with the assignment difficulty.

The harder the assignment, the better the reward.

If you still want to know what are you going to learn so here, mindset, niche, WordPress, Social media ads, SEO, SEM, email marketing, automation, sales, funnels, mentoring, freelancing, and many more…

Note that after every week you need to take action, and assignments and rewards will force you to take action.

Along with all these courses, you will have a private group for interns, weekly mastermind call, live webinar on different topics, such as freelancing for beginners, blogging, cryptocurrencies, etc

Now, here DDIP Digital Deepak internship program) will teach you each and everything in Digital Marketing.

NOTE that this internship program is meant to build your foundation, whether you create a mansion or a house after that is completely up to you and your goals.

After completing the internship, you can be a consultant, freelancer, or work on the job. But the mastery will come after consistent practice.

With all that let me tell you who this Internship program is not for.

  1. Egoist/Critics-

    Sometimes people who already are in this field come to check what he says? not to learn but to question.

  2. Procrastinator-

    Delaying the work will not only pile up more work but also makes you frustrated.

  3. Weak mind-

    Those people who are easily influenced by others and can’t take gather the courage to stand up for themselves.

Of course, these things can be improved, but before you get yourself enrolled, decide on your goals and fully prepare your mind for this journey.


Should you register for this Internship?

Hell YES!

How should I register?

Click here, this will take you directly to the official page of DDIP.

What after I signup?

Once you have registered yourself and completed the questions they have asked you. You will receive a confirmation mail of the transaction and of your successful enrollment.

You will receive further updates via email. A Webinar will be held where he will describe the internship program.

What if I failed to submit the assignment?

Firstly it is not possible unless you decide not to submit. The time period to submit an assignment of 6-8 questions is around a month.

Plenty? If by any chance you failed to submit the assignment you will lose the reward for that assignment but still, a month is I believe more than enough.

So are you an action taker or a Talker?

Hear what people have to say-Digital Deepak Internship Program Review

Wilma Dsouza(Batch 10)

DDIP is the most comprehensive digital marketing training available in the market. It covers all the aspects of digital marketing in detail and the Cashback element ensures that we implement what we have learned. Deepak K has a very good style of teaching something where he makes it really interesting for the learner. I highly recommend DDIP for anyone who is starting out in the digital marketing field.

Shraddha(batch 10)

It’s good for a complete newbie. The 2 factors which drive anyone throughout the course is implementation and cashback strategy.

Swapneshwar Barik(batch 10)

DDIP is one of a kind. It is definitely a program for Digital Marketing but it also defines the modern education system. A system that can bring a revolution for sure. What separates this internship from others is… It is a program where you get to know about all corners of digital marketing along with that you work on yourself. You get a reward for your own money back. Just amazing… there are some negative things as well but… they are minor.

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