Copywriting 101: Beginners Guide to Copywriting


How many times have you seen an ad or copy that is so interesting that you read it all to the end and are convinced to buy that product?


It’s not normal writing that can convince a person to take a certain action. This is an art and science of writing which uses  different writing principles to persuade it’s readers.



This powerful skill is called copywriting. It is a high-income skill that is used by many businesses and marketers to persuade people and make sale.


If you want to know how it works and how YOU can use it for your own business then let’s begin the beginners guide to copywriting.


Beginners guide to Copywriting

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is an art and science of persuading a customer with written words. A finely researched copy has the potential of generating millions for a business.


How? Let me show you.



Why to do Copywriting?

Let’s first understand why a copy is created?


A copy is created to take the buyer through the buying journey and persuade them to make a purchase or take an action after reading, such as signing up for a newsletter, becoming a lead or encourage a phone call from them.


“It is written with the motive to sell”.



While creating a copy focus on  

what objection my customer will have and handle it before it arises”.

The writing that is used to create copies is different than your usual writings. How?



Well, the intent is one thing but copywriting is a powerful example of “words with power”. The words and sentences keep up the curiosity and shows the reader the problem, then the solution, then why this is best and a security of ‘what if it didn’t worked out?’

Where to use Copywriting

Where to use Copywriting?

Copies are written in order to increase conversion and welcome people to take action in a post.

They are used to create ad copies, which improves CTR(click-through rates), email copy and Landing pages to boost sales.



Let’s talk about why you need copywriting.

Copywriting is a high-income skill that helps businesses to increase the conversion rate. A copy that has been created are used in multiple places, it is a good investment for any business to make because it works as an asset for the company.


For example, let’s say you have a business of Health Products, how will a copy help you get more sales? Simple, a copy will take the person who wants to stay fit and healthy through the buying cycle and persuade them to buy the product. These questions help them to think

  • How can I lose weight?
  • What should I eat to have a well-balanced diet?
  • What exercises and diet should I adopt to feel more active?

These are the types of questions a Copywriter refers to while writing a copy. After all, it’s a Copywriter’s job to deal with the objection before it arises.


From a business point of view…

How to Find Copywriters?

Finding a copywriter can be a difficult task as it is an emerging industry, the majority of people are either not aware of it or mistaken it with ‘copyrights’.


Now here, Copywriting and Copyrights are completely different fields.

Copywriters usually work as freelancer and on contract basis. The best way to choose a copywriter would be to choose a person who was mentored by a copywriter and shows serious determination. 


Nowadays many people teach how to write great copies. They mentor the students and share their ideas and knowledge with them to produce similar or better results. My go to mentor for copywriting is Dan Lok. You can find other copywriters on platforms such as LinkedIn or Upwork.  



5 Tips to choose a good Copywriter

  1. Copywriting Samples-

    You would want to hire a copywriter who can actually produce results for you. Good copywriters have proven work history. You can ask them to share their work samples and if their work is promising, hire them to produce same or better results for your business.

  2. Testimonials:

    Before hiring a copywriter check their website, portfolio or profile to find testimonials of past clients. You can ask them directly to share some testimonials or case studies with you.

  3. Price is not the Sole Factor

    Surely copywriters aren’t cheap but an investment on a good copywriter will cover up the expense and make you great profits. Copywriters are hired to generate results.

    Whether you want more sales, need more leads or want to increase your email list, a good copy can do all for you. So the price shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing a copywriter.

  4. Experience

    Consider a case where a newbie copywriter has produced more results  and the other copywriter has more experience in copywriting but has no proven results.

    Which one is more compelling?

  5. Converse with them

    Definitely, this is a big YES! While conversing check:

  • Do they show concern about your business?
  • Did he showed interest in your problems?
  • Are they offering a solution or a list of copies they can give?
  • Were they able to convince you about their quality of work?You would know If it’s a right fit to do business with them or not.

For Copywriters…

How to stand out from the rest of the Competitors?

To show yourself as an authority in front of an audience you need to look into many things. As a copywriter, your works speaks for you. To improve your standing here are 5 ways that through which you can start building up your profile as a copywriting professional.
  1. Publish Guest Post:

    Guest posts are an incredible way to promote yourself and your work using other people’s brand. They put you in front of a  wider audience, and having a link in your post to direct traffic to your website will improve your organic rankings.

  2. Update your LinkedIn Profile.

    LinkedIn is the new Hub of Professionals where you can showcase your best work, write posts and publish articles, add links to your website.

  3. Have specialized Niche:

    Being specific and mastering a couple of niches will help you be seen as a master, rather than being a jack-of-all-trades.

    Your specialization will help receive quality work and charge a higher price.

  4. Get testimonials:

    If you say that “Hey! I am a good copywriter, I can write effectively and generate more revenue for you”.

    What are the chances they will believe you? 

    Compared with…

    “It has been a really great experience working with Dishant, his writings have helped our business to generate $100,000 in revenue”.
    Which one do you think is more effective?

  5. Have an online platform:

    You can easily start up an online blog or channel for yourself where you can post videos or articles regarding your field and help others by passing on your knowledge. Clients appreciate the value your videos/ blogs can provide.

How to write a great copy?

This is the part where I will show you elements that I, my mentor, and many other copywriters use to create effective Copies.

Note that these elements are placed in a standard order, you can customize them and fit according to your business needs. 


Elements of a Great Copy…

  1. Headline

    The headline’s purpose is to capture the attention of the reader and encourage them to read further. There are many ways to create a catchy headline, one way is to state the claim as a question like…

    Who else wants to…
    – Would you like to…

  2. Opening

    The opening should be brief and convey the gist of further content. You can add Questions, Vivid Pictures, hypothetical statements.

  3. Establish credibility

    You have to tell them about yourself and make yourself credible. You should position yourself as an authority and as an expert.

    Questions that you can ask yourself while writing is…
    – Why should I listen to you?
    – What are your expertise?
    – What makes you different from others?

  4. Offer

    Explain your offer, how your offer will change their life. Let’s just admit, we humans are lazy, we crave for those things which will make our life easier even if it effects us negatively in long term. Offer them an easy way for their problem and how it will change their life.

  5. Bullet

    Add brief compact statements that will highlight the main points of your offer and benefits.
    – Enjoy limitless gaming experience…
    – Easy to use…

  6. Testimonial

    What others say about you is 10x more powerful than what you say about yourself. According to data published by transaction agency for eCommerce, 81% of people refer to Google before making any kind of purchase. 

    Adding testimonials in your landing page/sales page help s your customers to read other people’s experience using your service and build trust.

  7. Justification

    You have to justify your price, why you charge it. Here you can add case studies, Problems & comparisons. For example, a difficult way to achieve your goal compared with an easy method with us. If you provide 10x the value for money they are investing, closing a deal is not a big problem.

  8. Risk reversal

    People are concerned“What if it didn’t work out? What will happen then? My investment will go waste”

    In such a scenario you can give them assurity “We give 100% satisfaction or your money back” or “If you are not satisfied we have 30 days money-back guarantee”.

    People are relieved and are more susceptible to make a purchase.

    If you think it might be a bad idea then just imagine, you are running this “30 days money-back guarantee” offer and you get 100 sales out of which 2-3 are not satisfied, but you will still have plenty of revenue from 97 sales that it wouldn’t matter, but if you are receiving 50-60 clients asking for money back, then probably your product suck!

  9. CTA

    Have a clear CTA(call to action) button. Make it clear and obvious, direct them to ‘make a purchase’ or ‘fill up the lead form’ or whatever your goal is.

  10. Urgency

    Last of all Generate urgency, “Buy now and get Bonus worth $1000” or “Buy now and get 10% to 20% instant cashback”. You can also add a timer or limited time bonus.


So this concludes your Beginners Guide to Copywriting. At last, be clear regarding the Basics of Copywriting and do not forget why you are creating that copy in the first place. I hope this blog will help you understand more about copywriting. 


If you like it share it with your friends and business partners!


See you in the next blog.


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